Matchday Reality Fan Q&A – Findlay Redpath

Question – How do you stay engaged with your sports team?

Answer – Apart from supporting my team at home games I follow any news on social media. Being able to see behind the scenes content such as the players in training is always exciting and player interviews means you get to know the team a bit better. I did have a subscription to my teams supporter platform but I didn’t use it enough and just prefer to watch small sections of content such as highlights.

Question – Do you often purchase a match day programme?

Answer – I went to support my team when I was younger along with my parents and they would buy me a programme so I would have something to remember the game by but never really looked at them after the final whistle. I think now programmes are quite expensive for what you get. Nowadays people aren’t as open to reading pages of interviews etc. and would much rather just watch a video or something similar. It’s a shame really as programmes are a traditional part of sport.

Question – If the content was interactive would you?

Answer – Definitely. Being able to watch the highlights of a previous game or a press conference in the lead up to the game would be fantastic. It would have been fantastic to have something like that when I was a child and nowadays children consume all their media through videos and similar forms of media. I could see interactive programmes being a big part of modern football and hopefully keep the tradition of the programme alive

Question – Have you ever walked in your heroes footsteps?

Answer – I was lucky enough to see the trophy room at my teams stadium and it was a brilliant experience. My nephew who lives abroad has always wanted to do something similar but due to being in another country this isn’t possible. Sport is truly global and I think for fans abroad there has to be a way in which they can experience things like this and feel a part of their favourite team.

Question – What are your thoughts on the 360|VR technology?

Answer – As someone that has always been interested in technology I’ve stayed up to date with the various different 360/VR headsets as they have become more widely available. In particular, my Nephew was  really impressed with the new Oculus Go headset, being able to view his favourite 360’s with all of his friends.

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