I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new Oculus Go last week and after having some time to get to grips with it its fair to say it’s pretty impressive. This feels like a turning point for virtual reality. The Go opens up virtual reality to a much wider demographic than anything that has come before it and for a variety of reasons. The headset is considerably more immersive that those that require your phone acting as the screen and considerably cheaper than those that require a computer to run. The headset is easy to use and allows users to experience fully immersive VR content without breaking the bank. At £199 for the 32GB model its half the price of the Rift.

The experience of being able to walk in your heroes footsteps is something many sports fans would dream of. Exploring a Matchday Reality tour while using the Go fans are able to relive this dream in the most realistic and immersive medium possible. The potential for fans around the world to experience something as profound as this is fantastic and really allows clubs to engage with these fans on a global scale. As VR headsets progress and become even more accessible the possibilities with 360 technologies are endless and I suspect will become an integral part of sport and how sport fans engage with their fans.

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