360 VR in Sport

This technology creates a hyper realistic picture of any physical space and allows users to explore their surroundings as they would in real life.

There is significant scope here to create additional revenue streams and increase fan engagement around the world. 360 tours of hospitality spaces have the ability to increase seating sales and use of these event spaces out with match days. A link to the tour may be emailed out on a fans birthday promoting a hospitality suite in a bid to increase one off sales of these spaces that may not be in demand for lower tier games.

An all encompassing tour of the facilities and behind the scenes can help generate interest in the guided tours put on by the club as well as the ability to introduce paid unlocks i.e to walk down the tunnel pay £1.99 or price the complete tour.

Our studio implement calls to action such as “Book Now” buttons that ensure users are in clicking distance from purchasing anything from tickets to clothing. This helps drive users to certain areas of your site and increase awareness of product offerings.

The team also has the ability to build an app that would house the 360 virtual tours. This app could be sold for a fee and in turn generate a further income

Sponsors Logos are present on tours and can be used to drive traffic to their website.

The ability for tours or aspects of tours to be shared on social media can result in significant growth on these platforms and fan base as a whole. People are
intrigued by 360 tours and in particular tours of sporting venues. These tours grab the attention of potential customers.

These tours can help engage with customers overseas who may not be able to attend their favourite teams stadiums. This technology allows them to walk
where their heroes have without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Prospective players are able to view the facilities on offer at a club simply by viewing the 360 tours. This gives a hyper realistic view of what is on offer and
can save valuable time and money.

The Matchday Process

A member of the Matchday 360 crew would map out the areas to be shot around the stadium or training facilities to determine the total number of scenes. A member of the team would then take the necessary shots and this process could be completed in a day. Each 360 photo or scene is actually a series of 7 individual photos taken every 60 degrees and photo of the nadir.

After all the images have been shot these are taken back to the studio and the post production process begins. This involves stitching all 7 images together to create an all encompassing 360 image as well as editing images to ensure they are uniform and of the highest quality possible. This is an acutely complex and time consuming process.

After all images have gone through the post production process and have been fully edited the tour building phase begins. This involves creating a fluid tour or series of tours that emulate the user exploring their surroundings as they would in real life. In this phase all branding, audio and features are added into the tour.

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