Augmented Reality and How it Works

AR is predicted to be a £60 Billion market by 2021 and will enhance how we live, work and socialise. Tim Cook suggested AR is going to be as important as eating three meals a day and once it has arrived we will wonder how we ever lived without it.

How does it work?

For users it is a simple scan, unlock and experience. A call to action with written or visual messaging tells users “what, how and why” to scan. The users scans the marker (image) using the Matchday Reality app and this triggers the Augmented Reality experience.

Interactive Programmes and tickets

Programme sales are on the decline with some in the EFL considering disbanding programmes altogether. It would be a shame to lose a tradition such as the matchday programme and we firmly believe AR technology is the key to revive this.

The ability to enhance existing print with exclusive video content from clubs media channels has the ability to create a buzz around fans and drive more sales. Being able to watch player interviews or other behind the scenes content is a fantastic way to engage with fans. Ad space before and after these videos is another great way to create a further revenue stream.

There could be a scenario where clubs are able to offer AR advertising space in programmes at a higher rate than normal print therefore adding a further revenue stream.This technology could also be applied to match tickets to reveal exclusive content and reward fans with offers on merchandise, food and drink.

The ability to scan a ticket and present a 3D model of the stadium giving visual prompts to key locations and information represents another exciting opportunity. Fans could scan a ticket and be given deals or prompts to by further tickets for upcoming games

Interactive Merchandise

Interactive posters: the ability to scan a wall poster of a fans favourite player and see the image come to life. Tap into ‘Selfie’ culture by allowing fans to take selfies of themselves with their heroes using AR. Messages from sponsors and other advertisers can be integrated as well.

The content on these poster can be updated numerous times creating a scenario where a fan can have three different experiences in one poster over the course of a few months and therefore add value to the poster itself. A £4 poster can become £10

Club badges could be trackers for AR content allowing the club to present team information, highlights and upcoming match info on a truly global scale. The experience can be triggered from anywhere in the world.


Being able to run or orchestrate interactive content alongside any marketing campaigns or public releases throughout the course of any given year/season could provide the marketing team with a clever tool in the form of AR.

There is a plethora of different methods and techniques where marketing and AR marry – interactive business cards, brochures, wall & floor stickers, outbound mail (season ticket renewals), stakeholder & corporate engagement, interactive corporate hospitality menus – the list is truly endless and can provide a creative platform for marketing departments to consider.

Our Process

The club will send the content they would like to feature in the programme on the Wednesday or Thursday and we will digitally upload ready for matchday. A copy of the programme should also be supplied. All content should be uploaded within 24hrs and will be ready to view

Further down the line to make this process simpler we would look to implement a login page for the club in order for them to upload all content in order to reduce time.In relation to 3D modelling and AR experiences within merchandise and just general marketing we would price this separately and would be done

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